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tv   Headline News  RT  September 12, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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today i'm sure. law not war president putin addresses political and public circles in the u.s. saying america should not attack syria as it would diminish u.n. international disarmament it's. a terrifying week of pillaging execution and forced conversions in the christian village. as the syrian army units are forcing more than a. out of town. and the u.s. exports its citizens privacy to israel as the n.s.a. shares raw intelligence reports with the country with a secret deal setting no limits as to how your data can be used.
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the hour's top news headlines live from moscow this is art's he with me wrong and welcome to today's program. president vladimir putin has warned against throwing the entire system of international law out of balance as you just the american people and politicians in a new york times article this threat to the established order may well happen according to the russian leader if indeed washington proceeds with its plan strikes against syria joining me live now our sean thomas coming on the program this morning good to see you sure it's ultimately i suppose if world leaders turning a deaf ear to your concerns take your argument to the public well certainly an interesting development rory this article was strong but full of hope from president vladimir putin in the new york times. it was called
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a plea for caution from russia and it directly addressed the american people in what putin calls a time of in sufficient communication between societies now he talked about the u.n. and the need for international stability he also talked about how a new knighted stakes lead strike would put innocent lives at stake it would spread the conflict derail peace efforts between israel and palestine it would hamper discussions about the iranian nuclear problem it would promote terrorism and destabilize the region entirely now he also talked about how unilateral action would be seen under the un charter as an act of aggression and talked about the importance of acting within international law here were his words if you cannot count on international law then you must find other ways to ensure security the a growing number of countries seek to acquire weapons of mass destruction this is logical if you have the bomb no one will touch you we're left
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with talk of the need to strengthen nonproliferation when in reality this is being eroded one thing the president also talked about was the idea of the culture of military intervention into foreign internal conflicts being alarming and asking the question why does america want to repeat the mistakes of the past invoking the memory of iraq and afghanistan which is currently still going on now on the need it to consider the u.n. investigation which we are still waiting results from he basically brought up the idea that we're not yet sure who exactly used of these weapons these chemical weapons and these were his words. no one doubts the poison gas was used in syria but there is every reason to believe it was used not by the syrian army but by opposition forces to provoke intervention
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by the powerful foreign patrons who would be siding with the fundamentalists reports that militants are preparing another attack this time against israel cannot be ignored now these reports that the president mentioned we've been reporting on it here on our t.v. from local sources on the ground r.t.e. sources that an attack on israel from the rebels could happen using chemical weapons and that's something that he is discussing there now president putin quoted president obama on the idea of american exceptionalism warning that that is a very dangerous idea and he in fact invoked the idea of the american declaration of independence stating that while there may be big countries and small countries poor countries and rich countries that all countries are indeed created equal but still vladimir putin is hopeful for diplomacy he talked about his relationship both personally and professionally with president obama and said that it is one that is
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marked with growing trust and he appreciates that so right now putin addressing the american people directly and hoping for diplomacy to went out. right outside the kremlin thank you. now focusing more on the possible diplomatic solutions the russian foreign minister sergei laugh it off and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry a meeting and later today in geneva they'll try and find a consensus on a u.n. security council resolution which might see the syrian government getting rid of its chemical weapons stockpile. is following the talks for us. moscow has reportedly handed washington a proposal already that they're set to mull over later on today now thanks to leaks in the russian media we've got some details of that proposal it's reportedly set out in several stages the first stage is going to involve syria signing up to the chemical weapons convention thereafter damascus will have to declare all of its
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chemical weapons storage and production facilities after that they're going to have to let chemical weapons inspectors into the country and finally they will have to decide together on how to destroy that stockpile of chemical weapons now we know that the russian and the u.s. delegations here are going to be accompanied by technical experts and by scientists are going to be advising both sides on how to implement any plan that they come up with hit we know that the u.s. president barack obama he's faced mounting criticism and opposition to his proposed military strike against syria so a lot of analysts saying that this diplomatic path that really came out almost accidentally through a throwaway comment that john kerry made on monday that it presents a sort of diplomatic escape patch for the u.s. president to ultimately save face and potentially save himself the embarrassment of
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a defeat in crime gress over the issue mosco says that any proposal should mean that u.s. military strikes are off the table now in fact russia has already rejected a french trough to the u.n. security council that involved a wording that threatened military action against syria and that blames the chemical attack on the twenty first of all guest on damascus so we're watching whether or not these differences can be reconciled here in geneva but at the same time we know that the cia has started to provide syrian rebels with weapons so on the one hand we've got to oprah for peace. on the other hand it's a bit of a discrepancy in terms of action but as i said earlier because of the situation that president obama is in back home it looks like there is a political will to thrash out an agreement if you present it to the international community and to ultimately safe face over the issue of syria or when our got the opportunity to do or discuss the more technical aspects of chemical weapons and
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their production with somebody who's well versed in the scientific process of it all joining me now a comic chemistry professor at the international christian university in tokyo professor. thank you for coming on r.t. this morning washington is saying that are making sarin gas is very complicated using perhaps as an argument as to why the rebels couldn't possibly have been behind the attack in damascus as a chemistry expert can you tell us how difficult is it to make sarin gas. yes. extremely difficult to produce sardine. the because it is too toxic for the personal who make it. now from what i understand if i was sort of jumping it is so quickly just so i can understand here sarin gas is a banned substance however the precursor chemicals or the ones are combined to make
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sarin gas are not is that correct. well the yes the five steps to create. but if you mix the two chemicals last steps it is possible to produce sardine immediately saw bonds chemical bombs. hold in russia and also in us both cases the two chemicals are separated in bomb and saw that after the bomb explode. mixed together to. create sardine saw or if the type of bomb is
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available anybody can use it or as a. chemicals or variable anyone can use it there certainly seems to be some concerns with the rebels who may have indeed been making this sarin gas a combination underground covertly but what are your thoughts on the russian proposed plan to dismantle syria's chemical weapons or do you support it and is it technically doable. it little be. extremely deep to deter mean we use it all of the all the kicking. of the victims it would be. easy to identify where the setting was used on that order professor cohen chemistry professor from the international christian university in tokyo many thanks from all of us here at r.t. moscow for joining us on the program thank you for your time today. now after
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a week of looting executions and forcing residents to convert to islamic gunpoint syrian rebels are reportedly now fleeing the christina village. our correspondent is there telling us that the ongoing army offensive has now dislodged many she harvests from various parts of the town though the fighting remains heavy. reports . but now indeed soldiers heard you say the army are controlling the situation here on the ground are we are sure to a square right now. who have been impossible to get the courage to do to turn to aid. visibility is not controlled by the army but we are told that they're not going to turn to two hundred i didn't begin trying to knock down to that are surrounding malinda village and this is why it pays to you know
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a dangerous thing to do here and this is why they say they need some time to finish it frankly page was told to feel how tall the troops taking on the first player bets are by the military i'm not shocked by it and haven't they they say the army tried that eighty's right now and again there are no mandatory and also we were told that it was up to its first five books all chief local residents who were held hostage in the top of the basement of the false child and now creatures maybe you can hear it from time to time on the rock we we hear shelling though we hear her shots into the army yes to talk again. we should face being held by the military well not me a very large it's a known worldwide as one of the people who are they kill each other make language the language of different cards. so we told him to use a number called
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a very anxious monetary could show a monetary value all to the catholic religion was taken by islamic groups like the luke maybe the members. who had a girl i'm thinking is that this is a they're not only operate in volatile but actually always hope. he's a mercenary that she's one of the van. very few international correspondents reporting on the ground. she's keeping us updated on what's happening twitter feed you can see here one of the most recent tweets she says that she and her crew were caught in the crossfire the sound engineer slightly injured by a ricocheting bullet. pitches just a click away at. school. are still to come in the program here a protest on counter protest on the anniversary of the nine eleven attacks as
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a demonstration of brings together hundreds of discrimination. overshadowed by a bike up parade right through the heart of washington. also. forging a human chain that stretches the length of. as they lay their claim to vote on a life separate from space. technology innovation. developments from around russia. covered. so we believe that maybe. by the sea motions your. party is in. their shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics only on our team.
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quarter past the hour moscow time this is r.t. serving up your citizens' private information on a silver platter to another state that's exactly what happened in a hush hush deal between the u.s. and israel and washington didn't bother to clear key data from wrong intelligence
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reports it shared with its partner. has more on the revelations concerning your information. what we're talking about here is a top secret a five page memorandum of understanding that lays out all the details of intelligence sharing between the n.s.a. and its israeli counterpart what it does reveal is that the n.s.a. routinely shade intelligence with israel without first sifting this information to remove information that is inside relating to american citizens it states that israel is allowed to receive intelligence signal it includes i mean valuated and minimize transcripts just faxes telex voice and digital network intelligence metadata and content and that is a quote at the same time the agreement places no legally binding limits on the use of the daughter by the israelis so while the memorandum does say that the material
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has to be handled in accordance with us law and at the same time these raids have agreed not to deliberately target americans who identified in the datta there is no kind of legal obligation to back up these claims in this respect what it reads is that the agreement is not intended to create any legally enforceable rights it is not an international agreement and it is not legally binding it also says that these raids were required to destroy upon recognition any communication that is either to or from an official in the u.s. government this includes the white house cabinet departments the house of representatives and the senate amongst others n.s.a. so far has declined to answer specific questions about this agreement and they say spokesperson has said that the agency insists that the shared intelligence complies with all the rules governing privacy there was a statement that they did release and in that statement they said and again i'm quoting we are not going to comment on any specific information sharing
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arrangements all the authority under which any such information is collected the fact that intelligence services work together under specific and regulated conditions mutually strengthens the security of both nations so that has been their their formal response. and while some journalists and activists hope that edward snowden's revelations will inspire a security revolution a professional opinions on the n.s.a.'s ways of doing business are being met with daggers cryptographer matthew greene published a blog post on how the agency is waging its war against privacy but he was shortly are asked by john hopkins university where he happens to work to take it down in an interview to r.t. he explained what he found out from the leaked information. what we learned is that the n.s.a. has a hard time breaking crips and so what they've done is they've actually tried to take the products that that perform and corruption and make them worse make the weaker so that it's easier for them to break that encryption the n.s.a.
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is is willing to make us if you're a little bit weaker because remember it's not just u.s. citizens who are using these products it's americans too and they're willing to you know in a sense put our credibility on the line our tire industry on the line in order to access that communications of whoever it is they want to listen to we have a big debate ahead of us how much spying i mean there is there's a range anywhere from zero percent spying to one hundred percent spying and i think we have to figure out what the right balance is i think what we're learning is that the american public is not comfortable with what we're learning about that. are now many more stories on the website right now for this hour among them for example the fukushima nuclear plant it is spewing more radiation and groundwater checks of the facility show the levels of one radioactive isotope have soared fifteen fold in just the past three days and more on that on line for you right now. plus a mystery of a subglacial lake as scientists discover new life forms in down on dating back
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around one hundred thousand years details right now on the web site r.t. dot com. about twenty minutes past the hour moscow time the anniversary of the nine eleven attacks on america still drawing a role emotions across the nation and they came close to getting out of hand as counter protests circled each other in washington as well reports from the heart of the u.s. capitol. the million muslim march but it was renamed million american a march against fear and on the small fan of verse three of the nine eleven attacks protesters here want to bring attention to the plight of the muslim american community after the nine eleven attacks people want to try to come together as a human race as human race or whatever your religious views. were coming together here as human race to say hey look we don't agree with everything we do. they don't
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even trust the government yes i have been discriminated but. according to what media puts out there we muslims condemn turns we muslims against violence and hate. and we muslims all just like all americans wants to work hard to build the second but perhaps a bigger definitely louder demonstrations of this two million bikers demonstration is actually a counter protest to the original protest they came out on their bikes to make it their voice says loud and clear things about nine eleven those who does lost their lives the families our troops who are still fighting for all the families that have lost people that's why we're here to look. for me with so a lot of different points of view being displayed signaling that twelve years later
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some of the decisions and policies post nine eleven remain divisive. some of the global headlines for you. now we'll go to iraq where a double bombing has killed at least thirty five and wounded fifty two is a suicide attack it targeted a shiite mosque and most of the victims were worshippers leaving off the evening prayers and shoppers thronging the streets local al qaeda branch are notorious for targeting shiites in iraq in similar attacks are claiming responsibility the incident comes amid a staggering spike in violence in the country. to turkey where clashes have broken out again between police and protesters angry at the death of a young student at a demonstration over the weekend their thirties used tear gas to try and disperse crowds in istanbul in the capital ankara it's the third night of violent confrontations after a funeral was held for the twenty two year old man who died in disputed circumstances. and thousands of mexican teachers have taken to the streets again
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after the president signed into law a controversial new education reform bill the protests have been ongoing for a month as you can see again resulting in clashes and paralyzing much of mexico city and the new law will see teachers' salaries adjusted by outside monitors who will evaluate and great. i more than a million people have turned out in the spanish breakaway region of catalonia pushing their claim for independence by forming a human chain four hundred kilometers from one end to the other and they're calling on the national government to let them hold a referendum on separating the rest of spain. furthest more from barcelona. well the human child headed to live just. because he. could get a little bit of the wall studs that's a lady up in the building with the lights to the cats a lady
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a little guy i meet the oak this action to put pressure on the spanish government could close catalonia independence referendum and instantly of course catalonia to become an independent state that sort of thing to gazans are people taking part in the section today the big question for everyone watching this around the world why do you guys want independence i wonder in the bend. on culture language and history and also because we have economic reasons he said he's tired out today not to believe the economic crisis in europe has certainly ways to bully him on these pools full independence. catalonia the richest region. by a little bit economically they would be better off independent be economically. independent
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very much to speak to your own today i played sleep at least that's a form of economics of the field of the late at least lucy and she told me she had no you could calculate it would be better all right so they come independence with our taxes. we would have. higher. revenue for our government because at present fifty cents of the euro that we face taxes came back the following year his investor. poll shows a majority support for independents and the two thugs of the politicians in the parliament ahead. i might not have. seen but one thing seems clear with move in a million people turning out in support of independence last year hundreds of thousands taking part. calling for independence doesn't look like it's
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fading any time. on a bus. coming up here on r t why go for the juggler when you can go straight for the heart of. the world's money makers i'm in it in new york it's about time for the cars report. david silverman president of american atheists initially had his request for a custom license plate with the word atheist on it rejected atheist written with a one as the eye was deemed to be just too offensive after some pressure the new jersey motor vehicles commission caved in allowed the plate this is only logical because it properly spelled atheist point had already been in use i look at this two ways one if you're going to give people the freedom of choice of expression
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then some people are going to express themselves in an offensive way so if you're terrified of offending people then why not just give everyone a random plate with a random number and no one will be offended at all or two if you really believe in freedom of speech and expression all that then allow drivers to pick whatever they want and be responsible for themselves if someone throws a brick through their car window for having an ultra offensive license plate and if you want to express yourself or express something really offensive on your car then you better be prepared for some blowback or at least a few people spitting on your windshield but the show just my opinion.
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max kaiser this is the kind of the report we started our journey down on wall street but that's not really the heart of darkness in this financial armageddon this apocalypse it's actually in midtown manhattan which you see on me so we've come up river looking for colonel kurtz who we will attempt to exterminate with extreme prejudice stacey on to tell us more max i assume that you mean colonel kurtz is jamie diamond who works at j.p. morgan he's the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan which you might see behind the chrysler building right there on the horizon j.p. morgan is full of that i understand you're going to go scouting them later you're going to go deep into the heart of darkness but the question is this is america's couriers not really a question but a statement that headline is from zero heads and they look at the participation
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rate happening around the western world but in particular america where people are no longer voting people aren't showing up to vote so in twenty twelve for example the presidential elections less than fifty percent of the people eligible to vote voted so they show a chart it's called the bull market in apathy a. change in voting rate since one nine hundred eighty sources o.e.c.d. and korea has the worst since this decline of about thirty three percent since one thousand nine hundred and the u.s. is next to a drop of nearly thirty percent in voter participation so there are hedges asking is this because of the department of justice nobody's being you know we always get larry summers we always get robert rubin i was his hey rick rubin actually. def jam records l.l. cool j. now well look you don't need the voters you don't need the population you don't need people working you don't need their tax receipts because the top five thousand princes of america have access to jamie diamond colonel diamonds sounds in a free money along with a fair.


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